Jr. Weyrling Chores [7/3/12]


Welcome to 10th Pass Pern! Come and sit awhile. Tell us your stories of Threadfall...
Ja'ryns: -waves off tweaking- I don't mind. I'm fine with long profiles. Just have to read slowly. Jun 5, 2015 18:39:21 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: Anyway, it's not as though we *have* to memorize everything, really just what she looks like. The rest can be discover IC-like. Jun 5, 2015 18:39:36 GMT -8
Pahli: I agree on that, but a little smoothing out is good either way. I at least streamlined some of the redundancies, mostly in the appearance/personality areas, which are the most important ones to get started with. History is important too, but it's long and Jun 5, 2015 20:24:31 GMT -8
Pahli: you don't need to know a character's Whole Story to share a thread with them. :P Jun 5, 2015 20:25:30 GMT -8
Rezi: Sorry for not posting, more things came up. Will be posting later today. Jun 10, 2015 19:52:40 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: No worries. Working on posting myself too. How's everyone doing? Jun 14, 2015 21:20:00 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: I mean in general, not just posting specific xD Jun 14, 2015 21:20:09 GMT -8
Rezi: I lied - erm tomorrow then - Im sorry for this, things keep on popping up Jun 16, 2015 1:51:42 GMT -8
Rezi: Going? Besides being in hype for a new game thats come out, im trying yo get my laptop upgraded - so after the post tomorrow morning, i might not be on again for a while Jun 16, 2015 1:52:46 GMT -8
Alinda: Hello Jun 18, 2015 4:48:38 GMT -8
Lyxias: Hello Alinda! I haven't seen you around before Jun 18, 2015 13:56:29 GMT -8
Lyxias: *. Jun 18, 2015 13:56:32 GMT -8
Lyxias: Don't worry, Rez, everyone understands that roleplaying is done when real life doesn't need us instead. ;P Jun 18, 2015 13:57:18 GMT -8
Lyxias: I have been doing alright, except I'm dying from the heat and humidity. The AC in my house, car, and workplace is kaput, so working at a pizza joint is more of a drag than ever. But! Otherwise I and my critters am doing well, for the most part. Jun 18, 2015 13:59:10 GMT -8
Lyxias: Can't ask for too much, but I might ask the owner of the house if I can clear a corner of our very overgrown backyard for the purpose of constructing a proper outdoor box tortoise enclosure. I will have to ask for that, I think. Jun 18, 2015 14:00:46 GMT -8 *
Lyxias: :P Jun 18, 2015 14:00:49 GMT -8
Rezi: Thats a nice idea - sorry for now being active, things again have come up recently -_- Jun 24, 2015 16:24:23 GMT -8
Rezi: not* e_e Jun 24, 2015 16:59:04 GMT -8
Guestie: Is there a different skin that can be used for this site? Jun 25, 2015 3:12:31 GMT -8
Rezi: Yup Jun 25, 2015 4:01:51 GMT -8
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