Jr. Weyrling Chores [7/3/12]


Welcome to 10th Pass Pern! Come and sit awhile. Tell us your stories of Threadfall...
Lyxias: Shoot. It's been a while. Still alive. Lol Oct 31, 2015 0:53:33 GMT -8
Ampara: Alive is good! Nov 2, 2015 12:41:16 GMT -8
Rezi: Annnd its Mimi's post? Ohh ok xD Nov 2, 2015 18:03:32 GMT -8
Ampara: If it makes you all feel any better I've been pretty much feeling murdered by the holiday traffic at my job so no worries if you've been busy. I'll be poking in more than I have. Nov 3, 2015 19:49:31 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: No worries Rezi, the site is slow so as long as you're happy to stick with us, we'll be here! Trust me, Ampara, Tsar (Rokai, Mimi...), Havoc and myself aren't going anywhere. We've been here WAY too long. I think Lyxias is here to stay too. Nov 7, 2015 13:42:43 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: Yeah, the holidays do that to everyone. We'll just putter along. I'll prod Mimi to see if I can get her attention to post sooner than 2106 XD Nov 7, 2015 13:43:11 GMT -8
Ja'ryns: Is the side bar too wide for everyone? Nov 7, 2015 14:05:52 GMT -8
Ampara: I set it to 300px. Let me know if that's better. Nov 7, 2015 14:50:14 GMT -8
F'rendil: Looks better so far. Nov 7, 2015 16:20:36 GMT -8
F'rendil: I like the new lay out so far. The custom icons are good. Though I do miss having pictures in each board. The ones that Tsar chose were great. Nov 7, 2015 16:21:59 GMT -8
Ariana: *crawls in* So sorry guys. I keep meaning to come and post. Been busy / interest in RP has been elsewhere. Nov 7, 2015 19:42:09 GMT -8
K'ivan: My opinion of the new lay out is still the same. I like it but miss the background images. The yellow might be a bit harsh on the eyes too but the fact it is easy to tell where the links are is very nice. Nov 7, 2015 19:50:39 GMT -8
Lyxias: I do like that size better. I am here to stay for the foreseeable future! I hope you will also find yourself sticking around, Rezi; you've lasted longer than any other recent member. I don't think I count anymore, as it has actually been four years since Nov 8, 2015 0:47:13 GMT -8
Lyxias: I found this site. (Wow, four, really? <w<) Nov 8, 2015 0:47:41 GMT -8
Lyxias: Of course "here to stay" kind of means more like "in continuous orbit", as in, not always around, but pretty dang likely to come back around eventually. :P Nov 8, 2015 0:49:38 GMT -8
Ampara: Hmm, I wonder if the plugin just needs to be refreshed or something. That's the downfall of a new layout, but if someone wants to tinker to add the images back in that would be cool. Let me know about the colors and stuff on the thread that was started. Nov 8, 2015 3:36:25 GMT -8
Ampara: All of the icons can be changed fairly easily as I saved an in progress file for each one. Nov 8, 2015 3:36:51 GMT -8
Ampara: I think I used up my brain for all of the OOC. I'll get back to IC tomorrow. ;) Nov 8, 2015 3:38:02 GMT -8
Rezi : Two more exams and then i can think about posting Nov 21, 2015 18:02:51 GMT -8
Lyxias: Hopefully by then my Pahli will be Searched so I can post in the Weyr. :P Nov 23, 2015 21:13:20 GMT -8
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